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A healthy mind lives in a healthy body

It is hard to believe that Kusi Ñan is three years old already. The land that once was a garbage site has now has been revitalized through hard work, knowledge and love to grow fresh, nutritious and organic vegetables.


Graduates from Kusi Kawsay have been leading this project in order to remain in the community rather than migrating to big cities in search for employment and also because they were motivated to plant the seeds of this agriculture endeavor that now feeds their peers and community with the best nourishment.

The Farms newest addition will be to add a kitchen where the vegetables can be washed and cooked. We look forward to the construction of this outdoor kitchen and the many meals that will be shared with friends and family. The Kusi Ñan farmers welcomed the students of Kusi Kawsay for the annual Watia (how Peruvian natives have cooked their potatoes for thousands of years). The children had a great time building the earth oven from the clay and dirt rocks on the farm. With hungry belly and excited eyes, the students patiently waited for the potatoes to cook in the ground. The potatoes were shared with all, along with the Peruvian sauces such as Tari and Huancaina. Kusi Ñan gladly provided lettuce and fresh greens to go with the meal. It was a beautiful day with music, dance and plenty of smiles. After all, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

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