• Mission,

    Sustaining traditional culture by working together for the protection, promotion and cultivation of Andean Culture.


  • Vision,

    To sustain permanent, multidisciplinary activities oriented toward children, youth, and adults of traditional communities, towns and cities, especially in the Sacred Valley area of Cusco, Peru, through workshops, special events, cultural exchanges and other integral educational activities that reinforce, promote and protect the values and knowledge of Andean culture—and in this way, empower the endangered traditional way of life.

Pachamama's Path

  • Pachamama's Path,

    We are an Indigenous-directed 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007 for the protection, promotion and cultivation of Andean culture. This is accomplished by empowering the children, youth, and adults of Indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru through the creation and support of permanent, multidisciplinary programs through its Andean school, community-produced videos, cultural center, workshops, traditional music and dance group, radio broadcasts, and cultural exchanges with other Indigenous communities.


Roman Vizcarra


Rene Franco Salas


Ann Beckham


Justine Epstein

Board Member

Terence Buie

Board Advisor


Marina Flevotomas

Development Lead

Monte Amador


Founding Members 


Wiñay Taki Ayllu have organized a number of integral education activities for over 15 years aimed at reinvigorating, promoting, protecting and celebrating the Andean Culture – and in this way empowering the endangered traditional way of life.

The families, consisting of five couples and their children, celebrate the Andean agrarian calendar and the values of this tradition while inspiring others to do the same. This work began as small grassroots initiatives within local communities to start local cultural centers, promote intertribal gatherings, practice Andean celebrations, organize educational workshops and outings, document traditional knowledge and make documentaries. As the initiative grew Pachamama’s Path was formed to help sustain this work.  The five founding families have evolved to become the Educational Association Kusi Kawsay.