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Organic Farm Coop

Kusi Ñan is a place where our youth and community can reconnect to our indigenous agrarian practices and expand our understanding of food autonomy and organic farming. Part of the vision for Kusi Ñan is to be a place to educate and feed both locals and visitors, and to do this, we need your help to construct a greenhouse!


In 2012, the first graduating class of Kusi Kawsay faced a tough challenge. In Peru, the discrimination and lack of financial resources determines the fate of many young people. The graduating class was confronted with this risk as well and the limited options possible were focused on a survival economy. Following the Kusi Kawsay education, the graduates were motivated to revitalize and reclaim their culture by contributing to their community as agents of change. A new road or a happy path, which in their native tongue of Quechua translates into “Kusi Ñan”, was created. The Kusi Ñan project of organic agriculture became a source of employment for the alumni and provided a creative solutions. Kusi Ñan grows organic healthy, nutritious foods with non-polluting products and thus they provide the school lunch for Kusi Kawsay and the alumni sell the local produce at the Sunday market. The Kusi Ñan project allows the graduates to remain in their district and community rather then having to migrate to the city for employment. Furthermore, the students are learning ancient Andean ways of farming and sharing these with their peers. In addition to their dedication to the land and harvest, the graduates are providing nutritious foods to a malnourished population in the highlands of Peru. Each student at the Kusi Kawsay school is provided a nutritious snacks which improves their health, their learning abilities and their quality of life.

To ensure that this project continues to grow and flourish, the Kusi Ñan workers would like to construct a purposeful greenhouse.  Support Kusi Ñan to realize this greenhouse so that they can grow healthy fruits and vegetables all year round.

Kusi Ñan has come such a long way and it has been humbling and inspiring to watch this project soar from a vision to beautiful growing fields.  Thanks to Professor Alejandro and the alumni of Kusi Kawsay, organic agriculture has become a reality in Pisac, Peru.  Not only does this space provide a variety of healthy nutrition fruits and vegetables, it also has enough room for meeting, music practices, special events of the Kusi Kawsay school and so much more!  This is why we are very motivated to support Kusi Ñan’s hope to construct a greenhouse where they will be able grow food throughout the year!

KN_resizedHere are two of Kusi Ñan’s founders, Juan Abel and Joel. They’ve dedicated endless time and energy to this project and would so appreciate your help in realizing their vision!  They are looking for ways to be economically sustainable while continuing to educate their own community and share their culture’s agricultural wisdom with the students of Kusi Kawsay and visitors.

 *photos by Matt Dayka