Reciprocity – Ayni


Andean tradition and life is based on community and ayni, Quechua for reciprocity. Ayni is the balance between giving and receiving. It is a relationship between human and pachamama, between energy and resources, which circulates within a community. It is the traditional collective work, gratitude, and caring for all that is. Pachamama’s Path and the Education Association Kusi Kawsay practice ayni through all projects. We receive in abundance from Pachamama and Pachakama – our vital needs – externally and internally. We believe that our projects are a reflection of ayni by giving thanks to what we are able to take and in turn give through our heartfelt, conscious and humble initiatives. Our Pachamama’s Path logo is a visual image of Ayni – one hand receives while the other gives. We believe that ayni is a traditional practice to be grateful and respect what life treats us to and what we are able to gift in return.