Kusi Kawsay Andean School

Kusi Kawsay Andean School is a non-profit school, rooted in the Andean tradition, empowering economically challenged children from Pisac town and remote communities above Pisac, Peru; to become confident, free, self assured young adults, leaders of the future; helping the World to become a better place.

Kusi Kawsay uses Fusion Education, thus offering an alternative, integral education. These unique and highly effective teaching methods incorporate aspects of Waldorf pedagogy, embracing traditional  Andean  legacy and culture.

Kusi Kawsay’s ecological ethic is a social ethic, in that we are all related, inter-related and interdependent on this existence. Taking ecological mindfulness a step further – into the realms of the heart, of truly respecting and loving the land. This is returning to the true essence of ecology.


*photo by Matt Dayka

A unique education vision in the Andes

The Kusi Kawsay Educational Association was constituted in Pisac, Peru in 2009 to legally establish The Kusi Kawsay Educational Institution, which began operating in 2010.


We have dedicated many years to cultural educational work in the Peruvian Andes, and have identified the most effective way to promote positive change is through education. After many years of workshops in traditional communities (weaving, theater, felt work etc.), cultural excursions, and challenging years of supporting work within the public school system we decided to give priority to help start the Kusi Kawsay Andean School. Kusi Kawsay means Happy Life in Quechua, and offers an alternative, integral education to children who would not otherwise have this opportunity. Kusi Kawsay is rooted in Andean heritage, and is woven with elements of Waldorf pedagogy, affording a very rich curriculum and educational experience. Kusi Kawsay aspires to serve as an inspiration to others as a model, and aims to promote a culture of peace and solidarity for all of humanity. Please help us continue to sustain Kusi Kawsay and provide a rich education to children.

Kusi Kawsay envisions accompanying children in their development, respecting their integral being, customs, history, mythology, worldview and tongue. This school provides equal opportunity for girls and boys alike to participate in society with developed problem solving, creative decision making and acute leadership skills, woven with a common thread of an intact self-esteem and a richly dignified sense of cultural identity. From Kusi Kawsay is born the vision of Kusi Ñan, an impulse to provide a dignified social venture opportunity to our youth that honors their ancestral heritage and practices their rich agrarian culture.


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