Kusi Kawsay Online Fundraising Campaign 2020

On October 11th we joined the world in celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child and on that day we pre-launched our Annual Fundraising Campaign that now we are so excited to share with you!  It is also a BIG challenge because we need to raise funds to enable that 2020 be another great year of teaching and learning.

We are asking our community to help us raise the funds we need so that we may continue this important work next year by promoting our model of education aimed to recuperate our ancestral wisdom and knowledge to live more sustainably, with greater sensitivity towards all living beings.

The help of our community is crucial this year! Next year, we will be promoting various business initiatives to move us towards sustainability.  Of course, we will keep you updated regarding the details.

Please take a moment to contribute to this online campaign by clicking on this link.

Other Ways You Can Help: share our project, post it to Facebook, tweet about it, tell people in your life!

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