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Amaru is traditional highland community that is consciously preserving and practicing their ancestral heritage. The community is known for their incredible naturally dyed wool and intricate weavings.  Lucia Ccana from Amaru is also the weaving teacher at Kusi Kawsay Andean School.  The Amaru community is part of the Ñawpa Ñan movement of cultural preservation, celebrating culture and tradition.

All that was to come sprung from the seeds of Ñawpa Ñan, which is Quechua for Ancient Path. Ñawpa Ñan serves as a strong and vital foundation for all of our projects. With each passing year, our contributions and dedication to the investigation of our ancestral heritage along with our personal experiences surrounding highland traditional communities, keeps the purpose of these projects breathing. We consciously share an interconnected and interdependent life commitment to preserving our ancestral indigenous culture. Communally, we weave our experiential knowledge and together practice our traditional customs and values to create a long-term vision and path not just for our children but also for all of the Quechua communities that we have the honor of sharing this experience with. We are strongly rooted in traditional music, dance and ceremonial practices of the Andean Calendar.

Every year, we celebrate Inti Raymi (Solstice) from the 18th – 21st of June. Indigenous communities from around the world have joined us to mark this momentous event. In 2017, the community of Amaru will be the host of Inti Raymi. The community gathering space we wish to construct for this special time will not cease to be purposeful. Our vision is that this cultural space will serve as a long-term impact to come together, to share, sing, dance and celebrate – a space of exchange and connecting. After the Inti Raymi, the housing will provide a place for people to gather, to stay and integrate into this beautiful cultural experience. With your support, we would be able to build a permanent hospitality welcoming indigenous peoples and visitors to experience the Andean culture throughout the year.

Urpillay Sonqollay – Expression of Gratitude in Quechua.


Amaru’s Cultural Center

Our Need to realize the expansion of the Amaru Cultural Center and Community Space:

Needs to realize the expansion of the Amaru Cultural Center

4 Doors, 4 Windows, 8 Beds, 8 Nightstands and 4 Wardrobes = $ 2400

Floor (Wooden) = $ 1600

Labor = $ 700

Construction of Bathroom (including Labor) = $3500

Roofing = $ 1250 (Funded thanks to New England Biolab Foundation)

Transportation (Amaru is an hour and half from Cusco where most materials are purchased and is located in the high Andes at 4300 meters) and Extras = $ 2600

TOTAL: $10,800

*The total does not include the price of the roof as that has been implemented thanks to funding from NEBF.

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#GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign


The Sacred Fire Foundation (SFF) has selected Kusi Kawsay for their annual #givingtuesday fundraising campaign.  SFF  is a charitable organization, supporting initiatives that preserve and promote Ancient Wisdom traditions—and their perspectives—to insure their continuance for our children and future generations. We are so honored to be chosen by SFF for this great campaign that allows us to share and celebrate our Andean culture and tradition.We hope you will consider including Kusi Kawsay in your end of the year donations.  Your financial contributions are critical to the success of our school and our community.  Giving to this campaign would be a great way to support us.  Help us spread the word on your social media to make #GivingTuesday a great success!The #GivingTuesday campaign begins today, November 2nd, and ends December 1st.  All proceeds go to Kusi Kawsay.

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Growing the Kusi Kawsay Library

Rene Franco Salas, one of the founding fathers of the Kusi Kawsay school, is facilitating the Library project. We have high ambitions for the school library to grow and provide a space for students to quench their reading thirst.


A healthy mind lives in a healthy body

It is hard to believe that Kusi Ñan is three years old already. The land that once was a garbage site has now has been revitalized through hard work, knowledge and love to grow fresh, nutritious and organic vegetables.



Why we celebrate the solstice

The winter solstice welcomes the New Year in the Andean Culture. This special day marks the return of the sun, which is referred to as Inti Raymi. It is the shortest day of the year yet it brings along with it the promise of longer days ahead along with the approaching planting and harvest season. The solstice is celebrated on June 21st (summer) and December 21st (winter).  (more…)