Ann Beckham

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    Outreach and Fundraising

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Ann is the US Representative of Pachamama’s Path. She has dedicated her heart to various projects throughout the years that support the revival and respect as well as rights of indigenous cultures.  Pachamama's Path began as a meeting of about 30 members of the indigenous community of Pisac and Ann in Taray, Peru. As they talked about dreams of restoring self esteem and learning to defend the land, beliefs and customs of the Quechua people after centuries of repression, the idea emerged of building a school so that future generations would be prepared to meet the challenges of a modern world while living in harmony with nature in the sacred Apus (mountains). This vision was realized through the Kusi Kawsay Andean School. Ann, who has a background in art and design, corporate banking, corporate law and as an entrepreneur.  She is currently residing in Florida where she dedicates her time and energy to Pachamama’s Path through fundraising efforts and outreach. Ann makes an annual, if possible bi-annual visit to Peru.

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