Justine Epstein

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    Community Empowerment and Social Justice

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Justine, a native of Washington, D.C. is finishing her bachelors degree at Colorado College in Philosophy and Race and Ethnic Studies.  Her hometown lent Justine a keen interest in social justice and responsibility with regards to systemic oppression and politics of difference, while her time in Colorado has instilled in her a heartfelt connection to the wild landscape and a love for poetry and bluegrass music.  She recently completed her Senior Capstone Project in which she examined the need for healthy human grieving processes towards the Earth in these times of environmental degradation that inform a radical ethic of environmental stewardship and community.

Justine is interested in wilderness-based rites of passage and the ways in which young people can be affirmed in their identities by creating strong bonds with the natural world.  Her passion for service has led Justine to work both within her community in Colorado Springs to address issues of food security, hunger and homelessness as well as to India, South America and Africa to bear witness to diverse community empowerment projects. After graduating in May 2015, Justine plans to pursue her love for travel community empowerment in a year of pilgrimage and service around the world.

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