We are an IRS Section 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007 for the protection, promotion and cultivation of Andean culture. Through various fundraising events, grants and individual donations, we fund the Kusi Kawsay Association, which seeks to empower the children, youth, and adults of Indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru through the creation and support of permanent, multidisciplinary programs through its Andean school, community-produced videos, cultural center, workshops, traditional music and dance group, radio broadcasts, and cultural exchanges with other Indigenous communities.

We provide support to the three major projects of the Kusi Kawsay Association — the Kusi Kawsay Andean School, Kusi Ñan Organic Farm, and Ñawpa Ñan Cultural Events. In addition, the Association hosts workshops, special events, cultural exchanges and other integral educational activities that reinforce, promote and protect the values and knowledge of Andean culture—and in this way, empower the endangered traditional way of life.

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If you’re thinking of joining so many people on Giving Tuesday after Thanksgiving, please consider Pachamama’s Path in support of Kusi Kawsay school.  Our supporters were so generous during our Tinkuy campaign this summer, and, just as we were sitting back thinking we had a bit of breathing room, well, there was a teachers’ strike …

Kusi Kawsay Association


For years, families in the Sacred Valley of Peru have worked together to protect and revive their Andean culture. This dedication grew into a clearer vision and understanding that the most effective way to create long-term change was through education, and so we founded the Kusi Kawsay (Happy Life in Quechua) Andean School.

Since opening our doors in 2010, Kusi Kawsay has served the dignity, rights and empowerment of indigenous children and youth. Now a non-profit association, Kusi Kawsay provides quality education to students so that they may become confident, free, self-assured young adults and leaders of the future.

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Kusi Ñan Organic Farm

Kusi Ñan is an Organic Farm project created by the graduates of the Kusi Kawsay Andean School.  Following the Kusi Kawsay education, the graduates were motivated to revitalize and reclaim their culture by contributing to their community as agents of change. A new road or a happy path, which in their native tongue of Quechua translates into “Kusi Ñan”, was created. Now in its fifth year, Kusi Ñan serves as a model for Climate Change adaptation and mitigation! The farm is also a community gathering space and provides a beautiful, healthy and safe space to conduct empowering workshops for children, youth and communities.

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