Kusi Kawsay Raffle

We are so excited to announce that we launched our online Raffle to win a Trip for Two to Peru! Buy a ticket, learn about the trip, our sponsors, and what is included here: https://kusikawsay.org/raffle-for-a-dream/

This incredibly unique experience welcomes you to explore the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu & Cusco, an authentic cultural immersion supported by several local Peruvian businesses. The trip is hand tailored for two. This is also a great gift to purchase for friends while at the same time supporting a worthwhile cause. All the funds we will collect through this Raffle will go directly towards realizing another great year of learning and teaching at Kusi Kawsay.

The Raffle will be open from November 22nd, 2019 until January 31st, 2020. The drawing will take place towards the end February 2020.  The exact date for the drawing will be announced soon.

Please note that if you want to support us and would like a tax deduction, you can be part of our Online Campaign, buying a Raffle ticket gives you a chance to win the Trip to Peru, but does not give you a tax deduction.

Kusi Kawsay Online Fundraising Campaign 2020

On October 11th we joined the world in celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child and on that day we pre-launched our Annual Fundraising Campaign that now we are so excited to share with you!  It is also a BIG challenge because we need to raise funds to enable that 2020 be another great year of teaching and learning.

We are asking our community to help us raise the funds we need so that we may continue this important work next year by promoting our model of education aimed to recuperate our ancestral wisdom and knowledge to live more sustainably, with greater sensitivity towards all living beings.

The help of our community is crucial this year! Next year, we will be promoting various business initiatives to move us towards sustainability.  Of course, we will keep you updated regarding the details.

Please take a moment to contribute to this online campaign by clicking on this link.

Other Ways You Can Help: share our project, post it to Facebook, tweet about it, tell people in your life!


We need your ideas and input!

One of the projects we support, the Kusi Nan organic farm, is interested in producing organic energy bars and trail mix packages for the many visitors who hike the Machu Picchu trail, or simply visit various sites.  We are actively looking for a partner company with experience in this type of product to guide us through the process of production and marketing.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send us an email.  We welcome any and all input about this new endeavor.