Pachamama’s Path was founded in 2007 with the Mission of sustaining traditional culture by working together for the protection, promotion and cultivation of Andean culture.

Tax deductible status of donations – 

We are registered with the U.S. IRS as a Section 501(c)(3), and as such, your contribution is a charitable deduction on your tax forms.

How much of my donation actually reaches the projects in Peru?

Of your donation, the percentage of your gift going directly to the projects in Peru is always more than 90%; our goal is more than 95%  (last year 6 cents per dollar to expenses; in the upcoming year it is projected at 4 cents per dollar to administrative expenses).   Our expenses are limited to bank and Paypal fees and accounting and legal fees.   We accomplish this by having a volunteer staff and accepting donations for all basic office supplies and equipment.

To learn about more ways to contribute and be involved, please visit https://kusikawsay.org/giving/